you’re in my veins and i cannot get you out


TAXI (Live in TOKYO DOME) - 東方神起 

Every time I think I’ll be able to meet you,
My heart dyes a beautiful shade of red.

in dah steel of dah lite~

I love nature. I love fresh air and the dark tree-line as the sun sets. I love watching the stars shine out more away from the city lights. Just sitting out in the woods listening to the wind going through the branches calms me unlike anything else. I just love getting away from the city to the serenity of nature..

April 20, 2014

excuse me the first one wasn’t supposed to post yet HAHAHA lets try again ..

LTNS. April 20.. freewrite. Happy Easter! I hope all of you who celebrate it had a good holiday ^^

So today, right now, I had time to go to my room and open my laptop and actually browse?! no way! hahaha opened my itunes and put my songs on shuffle.. AHHH THIS FEELS SO GOOD. I haven’t had time for this in so long! That’s my kind of perfect in my busy hectic life. Maybe I’ll do this more often when I get the chance. this is like therapy hahahaha

The first 10 songs that came up on shuffle:

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i want to sleep for 2 years and wake up with a degree, an apartment and money in the bank.


Hyoyeon trolls Taeyeon like a pro on Healing Camp… XD <3 <3 <3